We are constantly developing through the implementation of new technologies, successfully delivering prototype solutions to the market. Basing on many years of experience and cooperation with research units, we are able to effectively search for new solutions, ideas and technical concepts. In our leading projects, we have applied innovative solutions nationwide and partly – worldwide.


From the beginning of our activity, we have been dealing with designing and producing hydraulics systems. We provide modern solutions recognized both in Poland and in the world. Since 1988, we have developed over 500 solutions that have been put into operation. Some of them have been patented.


Through the implemented projects, we want to have a real impact on the effectiveness of Poland's economic development. We see our future in a thriving domestic economy – not only do we want to maintain our position in the industry , but also to significantly strengthen it.


A substantial element of our hydraulic devices are industrial automation solutions, appreciated for their high standard of performance. We have many years of experience in their planning and implementation.


We believe that our business partners have a significant influence on the development of our company. Thanks to cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, institutions and business partners, we have a chance to change for the better both our immediate environment and the reality of the Polish economy.




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