17// July, 2020 A new generation of fast-acting presses

In parallel with production for the maritime industry, we are relatively quickly developing land-based production, which … →

3// July, 2020 Summary of the annual cooperation with CRIST S. A. Shipyard

Annual meetings summarising the cooperation between Crist Shipyard and our company have become a nice and … →

15// June, 2020 ORP Kormoran received a prestigious distinction

Mine Destroyer ‘Kormoran’ has been awarded by the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Polish Industrial Lobby (PLP) the title … →

10// June, 2020 H-2 sea trials

Tug H-2 Mieszko, the third in a series of six multi-purpose tugboats built for the Polish … →

1// June, 2020 NORLED 1 electric ferry sea trials

The electric ferry NORLED 1 sailed into sea trials on 1st, June 2020. NORLED 1 is … →