Year: 2013

17// December, 2013 Polish Product of the Future

We would like to thank PARP and the Chapter of the Polish Product of the Future … →

13// December, 2013 “The family of specialized vehicles for restoration and protection treatments of water and mud areas” – Demonstrator +

We hereby declare having commenced working on the contract No. DPA-DEM-1-145/001 dated. 12.13.2013 for the execution … →

10// December, 2013 Our branch in Kuraszków, near Opoczno

Dear Sirs, 25 years of our company’s operation, are the years of systematic development of the … →

5// November, 2013 Quality acknowledged by Clients’ satisfaction

In parallel with a serial production of standard hydraulic power units, a sale of specific hydraulic … →

18// October, 2013 This is a good year – The Gold Emblem QI 2013

We would like to thank PARP, the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Forum ISO 9000 and … →

4// October, 2013 Partnership cooperation with PIMR on a new reaseach & development project

Thanks to our partnership with PIMR, a new, compound specialist vehicle designed to carry out conservation … →

20// September, 2013 BALTEXPO – 2013

We would like to thank all Clients for visitng us in Gdańsk between 3-5th September 2013 … →

2// September, 2013 BALTEXPO – 2013

We would like to invite you to visit our pavilion at the upcoming XVII International Maritime … →

31// July, 2013 Power units with internal combustion engines

We are pleased to present you our hydraulic power units with a combustion engines, in a … →

3// July, 2013 Another permission to operate in PSSE-BPNT

We are pleased to announce that our company has received another license No. 101/PSSE to operate … →

17// July, 2013 “The International Congress of Polish Engineers ” under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Polish Republic and the Minister of Economy.

We would like to thank the Competition’s Chapter for granting us the main prize of “Master … →

18// June, 2013 A very interesting implementation in the City Centre of Gdynia

InfoBox is the first Polish investment which alike InfoBox in Hamburg reflects the perspectives of the … →

13// June, 2013 Leaver granted to our company during the MTP 2013 opening

We would like to thank the Chapter House of the “Leaver” Competition for granting our company … →

3// June, 2013 Solid sale of tracked chassis since July 2013

We are pleased to announce that since July this year, we offer you a solid sale … →

18// May, 2013 New HEXE 3E with an electric start-up

According to the announcement, since May, we have implemented into a solid sale a hydraulic power … →

10// May, 2013 Snowy April – Thank you Originators

We are very pleased to inform you that our vehicle for the renovation of irrigation channels … →

18// April, 2013 Hydraulic power units for services

Based on the experience of the service staff of our company, we have developed a new … →

11// April, 2013 Hydraulic power units – easy ordering

To meet your expectations, we provide you with a abbreviated form of a pre-selection of hydraulic … →

4// March, 2013 Gold quality of the year

We would like to thank all the Experts of Polish Center for Testing and Certification and … →

1// March, 2013 The first such vehicle

The strength of our company is the production of hydraulic power units and complete hydraulic control … →

28// February, 2013 Liquid level indicators – successful implementation

We are pleased to inform that from March we are expanding the range of liquid level … →

22// February, 2013 I want to be …

We are pleased to inform you that the project “I want to be …” which is … →

18// February, 2013 Development of testing stations

In order to meet our Clients needs and expectations, our testing station’s technical capabilities have been … →

1// February, 2013 We increase the usage of high tensile steel.

Since May 2012 our company is systematically increasing the usage of high tensile steel. For example … →

30// January, 2013 Mobile hydraulic testing station

In January 2013 our company has introduced into a regular sale mobile hydraulic testing stations. Its … →

28// January, 2013 Dear Customers

We kindly inform you that in January 2013 all the necessary procedures associated with the change … →

23// January, 2013 National Leaders of of Innovation and Development 2012

We would like to thank FIiR for being awarded in a Competition’s National Edition of “National … →

8// January, 2013 Hydraulic systems monitoring through the Internet

In December 2012 we have transmitted the following hydraulic unit, which takes advantage of the Ethemet … →