Hydraulic power units for services

Based on the experience of the service staff of our company, we have developed a new type of hydraulic power units for functional tests of the hydraulic system in the wider maritime industry and engineering.
Our proposal in this matter is:

  • whole construction is made of stainless steel, which significantly helps in maintaining the purity of the operational throughout the operating period,
  • 100-percent protection of the drive unit including an electric motor that operates fully immersed in hydraulic oil,
  • effective control and a monitoring of the pressure, flow, temperature and cleanliness of hydraulic oil,
  • easy vertical and horizontal transport,
  • 5 year warranty on the power supply unit with the exception of the parts subject to wear and tear, such as filter cartridges, oil or hoses.

The design of the power unit meets the expectations of our customers, for whom ergonomic functionality, safety and transport capacity are priorities for easy daily maintenance work.


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