A very interesting implementation in the City Centre of Gdynia

InfoBox is the first Polish investment which alike InfoBox in Hamburg reflects the perspectives of the development of the city, offers a great and cozy place to hang out, which is enjoyed both by children and older citizens of Gdynia.
It is in the tower of InfoBox where our company has designed and installed the first polish periscope with a hydraulic drive, which allows to observe a beautiful panorama of the city, using a novel vision system made by Nolabel company from Krakow.
The periscope is a modern design, made of stainless steel with a drive system that allows to change the height (suitable for the height of the observator) and rotate of 360° along with, in the eyepiece, the panorama of the city is moving, which is observed also on the installed nearby monitor.
Since August this year the periscope will expand the trade offer of our company in a group of innovative solutions, produced upon individual needs.
We would like to thank the Cultural Centre in Gdynia and the Authorities of Gdynia for their cooperation in the realization of this project.

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