Year: 2016

5// December, 2016 “Development and implementation of Florian, an unmanned rescue vehicle” project – successfully completed.

We are very grateful for the possibility of cooperation within the INNOTECH -K1 / I1 / … →

15// November, 2016 Technology of the future

Transportation platform developed within the research and development project PBS2/B8/11/2013 entitled “Autonomous transportation technology of biomass … →

14// November, 2016 Hydromega Sp. o.o. within the Consortium for the Polish shipbuilding industry reconstruction and development

We would like to announce that since 10 November our company has been a member of … →

9// November, 2016 FUNTER – the innovative design by Polish engineers

FUNTER, a multi-functional vehicle for special purposes, has been created at The Automotive Industry Institute in … →


We are pleased to announce that as of January 2017, our company launches a new product: … →

7// September, 2016 Shipyard Open Day

We would like to thank the visitors for coming to the Shipyard Open Day route No. … →

30// August, 2016 Hydromega takes part in the Shipyard Open Day

Dear Customers, Employees and Partners We are happy to announce that during the Shipyard Open Day, … →

12// July, 2016 TDT (Transportation Technical Inspection) permissions’ renewal

We would like to announce that by a decision of the Transportation Technical Inspection No TDT-M/N-44/16 … →

28// June, 2016 The successful return

This is the fourth year we have been operating in the shipyard areas of Gdynia within … →

24// June, 2016 The Oceanograf vessel launch in Nauta shipyard in Gdynia

Thank you for your cooperation in the construction of the Oceanograf research vessel. We would like … →

20// May, 2016 Successful completion of the project: ”Enhancement of the effectivness of energy in mechanical systems by the use of magnetorheological fluids”

We would like to thank NCBiR and all our Partners: Warsaw University of Technology and Military … →

8// April, 2016 The renowned HM/PW-10 – 10 years on the market

Ergonomic, efficient and reliable, useful both in service and manufacturing facilities dealing with hydraulic systems. For … →

28// February, 2016 Pomeranian Smart Specialization in practice

On the 28th January 2016 in Pomeranian area there was signed an Agreement on Partenrship for … →

18// January, 2016 HAMER 250 in a permanent offer since January 2016

Dear Sirs, In response to the expectations of our Clients, since January 2016 our company has … →