Technology of the future

Transportation platform developed within the research and development project PBS2/B8/11/2013 entitled “Autonomous transportation technology of biomass from protected wetlands” is an important link in the “Integrated protection technology of wetlands”, which is a maintaining and improving system for biodiversity of the environmentally protected areas. The project has been implemented in cooperation with NCBiR and it is coordinated by the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering from Poznan. The consortium includes:

  • PIMR – leader of the project;
  • PIAP – a project consortium member;
  • WAT – a project consortium member;
  • HYDROMEGA – a project consortium member;

The vehicle designed for the Autonomous Transportation Technology of biomass works in a team of vehicles carrying out protective measures in the wetland areas. The technology and process of biomass transportation were developed by the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering WAT and the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements in collaboration with Hydromega in the field of vehicle design. The design task was to build a vehicle and to design the hydraulic drive system together with all the subsystems of this solution.
The design features of the vehicle enable:

  • to reduce the transportation cost of biomass
  • to improve the reliability and availability of the machine
  • to minimize harmful effects on the environment, and in particular to limit the destruction of the subsoil,
  • to improve safety of work on wetlands.

The innovative solutions applied in the vehicle will facilitate the development of other autonomous means of transportation and their wider use in other industries.


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