The successful return

This is the fourth year we have been operating in the shipyard areas of Gdynia within the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.
Our aim, apart from the design and production of hydraulic systems, is the constant development of the assembly branch of the hydraulic systems used for ships made and renovated in the area. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved this objective successfully.
The examples of the shipyard sites, both in Gdynia and Gdansk illustrate how, in a very short time, it is possible to reactivate a significant branch of industry such as the shipbuilding industry.
We are happy to inform all our customers and friends that our design office will soon be moved from our manufacturing plant in Miszewo to Gdynia. Starting from September this year our Marine and Off-shore Design Department of will be providing services for both current needs of our production and also for the benefit of the Polish shipbuilding industry. Our design office is a skilled team of experienced professionals, whose expertise in the domain of hydraulic marine systems will serve the newly constructed ships. One of our biggest strengths is constant cooperation with all the marine classification societies approved by annual audits DNV / GL.
You are welcome to contact our representative at, who will be glad to provide further information in this matter.

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