Year: 2010

31// December, 2010 Planetary gear … successful completion of the year

In 2011 planetary gears mounted in wheel rims at our vehicles, will be taken to mass … →

31// December, 2010 New hydraulic cylinders on the Polish market

In December, our company interposed into mass production two new types of actuators, which are: cylinderes … →

10// December, 2010 Mechatronics in industrial practice

On order of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Gdańsk University of Technology, we have realized … →

9// December, 2010 Regional Leader of Innovation and Development – 2010

Thanks to Foundation Innovation and Development, for granted our company in category Innovative Company in contest … →

10// November, 2010 Completion of new branch in Miszewo

2010.11.10 Representatives District Buildings Inspector made final acceptance of a newly constructed branch of our company … →

29// October, 2010 New improved seals

Since July 2010, our company is systematically launches a new type of seals for all items … →

9// September, 2010 Successful premiere in Kielce. Expansion of special vehicles with hydrostatic drive.

Cooperation with Military University of Technology allowed to build next unmanned robot “Mark” for special missions. … →

2// September, 2010 Rapid progress in building next harbour facility

Despite bad weather, we are carrying out work on the construction of another Ro-Ro Stand in … →

26// August, 2010 Hydraulics reliable and efficient

In the third quarter of 2010, we transfer for using, modern and fully automated stand for … →

7// July, 2010 Micro Hydraulics

Hydraulics can successfully replace electrical and pneumatic drives. Advantageous ratio, power to weight allows to miniaturization … →

21// June, 2010 DROMADER . . . great and Polish !

Our first caterpillar vehicle was named in MUT – Dromedary. This vehicle has exceptional mobility in … →

22// May, 2010 Successful premiere

On Saturday, successfully completed premiere “Liliom” in Municipal Theatre in Gdynia. Our company has effectively shed … →

7// May, 2010 Ro Ro Stand

HYDROMEGA has many years of experience in designing and production of loading ramp. In 2009 very … →

4// May, 2010 I ranking Polish Intellectual Capital TOP 50

Hydromega had been awarded by Association IP Managent Poland and New Economic Life for intellectual capital. … →

27// April, 2010 Hydraulics in marine conditions

Seawater environment requires high quality of anticorrosion protection in hydraulic components. We recommend using: stainless steel … →

25// March, 2010 First Caterpillar Vehicle

Vehicle is a result of cooperation with the Military University of Technology WAT. This caterpillar vehicle … →

3// March, 2010 Gold Medal PNEUMATICON

Gold Medal of 3rd PNEUMATICON 2010 – Fair of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Drives and Controls has been … →

18// February, 2010 Quality of the Year 2009

Title granted to our company by Polish Center of Testing and Certification and the editorial crew … →

18// February, 2010 Business Gazelle 2009

Hydromega had been awarded by “Pulse of Business” and Coface Poland.    

16// February, 2010 Construction works at Miszewo branch

The project is supported by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the Priority Axis I (‘Innovation … →

25// January, 2010 Unification of production hydraulic power units.

In 2005, our company was exceptional in the design and production hydraulic power units It means … →

18// January, 2010 Invitation to PNEUMATICON 2010

We would like to invite to visit out company on PNEMATICON 2010 Kielce Fair (3-5 March … →