Year: 2017

28// November, 2017 Raising of the flag on the ORP Kormoran minehunter

Ceremony for raising the flag on the ORP Kormoran minehunter took place on November 28th 2017 … →

23// November, 2017 Our company has implemented the production of magnetic liquid level indicators.

We are pleased to announce that we have started mass production of magnetic liquid level indicators. … →

25// October, 2017 Keeping up with innovations – hydraulic power units for underwater operation

As a part of the development of the maritime area, Hydromega has developed and deployed hydraulic … →

8// September, 2017 We signed the letter of intent with the Military Academy of Technology

As a sign of many successful years of cooperation with the Military Academy of Technology, we … →

18// August, 2017 Our company is a co – contractor of the new bridge to Sobieszewo Island

Due to good cooperation with the VISTAL Capital Group, Hydromega is performing a complex hydraulic installation … →

2// August, 2017 Foundry Institute in Cracow joined the Consortium

Z radością informujemy, że Instytut Odlewnictwa dołączył do Konsorcjum utworzonego w czerwcu br. przez polską grupę … →

23// June, 2017 Our company’s Hydraulic Pipelines Department

Our Hydraulic Pipelines Department which is a part of Service Department has finished with success the … →

14// June, 2017 We signed a Consortium Agreement for the construction of specialized vehicles for Aeromobile Troops

We are pleased to announce the signing of the Consortium Agreement by a Polish group of … →

12// May, 2017 Our Department of Sea Projects and Offshore carried out a project on the FinFerries’ unit

On May 12th 2017 modern system of hydraulic power and electric control of loading platform at … →

12// April, 2017 The increase of interest in liquid level indicators L = 300 ÷ 1000 mm.

Long liquid level indicators made by our company have been attracting great interest lately. Growth in … →

11// April, 2017 The Department of Sea Projects and Offshore in Gdynia

From 14.04.2017 “The Department of Sea Projects and Offshore” will be functioning permanently in shipbuilding areas … →

31// March, 2017 1 MW for shipbuilding industry

One of the biggest power packs that have been made in Poland for the maritime industry … →

21// February, 2017 Our company awarded once again

On February 15th 2017, during Business’ Gazelle 2016 gala (Gazela Biznesu 2016) our company has been … →

13// February, 2017 Liquid level indicator – 120 ° C as standard.

Please note that since February, our company introduces solid sales of liquid level indicator designed to … →

24// January, 2017 A good beginning of the year

Our company finished year 2016 with launching and handing in hydraulic systems RO-RO of Pired ferry, … →