Our Department of Sea Projects and Offshore carried out a project on the FinFerries’ unit

On May 12th 2017 modern system of hydraulic power and electric control of loading platform at stern and bow was started off and implemented on FinFerries’ unit – “Elektra” which was built in Gdynia by CRIST Shipyard. A project which was carried out by our company is a positive effect of concluded agreement on Consortium for the Reconstruction and the Development of the Polish Shipbuilding Industry in which RHS is a leader. The technical requirements were very high because of the ferries’ innovative character. Together with RHS company we achieved the system with:
• high operating parameters, while significantly reduced power of the hydraulic drive
• dynamically working ramps that provide rapid compensation of waving and trim changes of shuttle
• work reliability and redundancy of drive,
• full automation of service via cordless desktops with simultaneous ensuring of manual guidance in case of breakdown,
• flushing the hydraulic system for work in the temperature up to -30 ° C.
The wiring was made by AN-ALEC company and hydraulic system along with flushing was made by our company’s Department of the Service.
We would like to thank employees of: CRIST, RHS, AN-ELEC companies and our employees for the efficient completion of the entire project.


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