Our company is a co – contractor of the new bridge to Sobieszewo Island

Due to good cooperation with the VISTAL Capital Group, Hydromega is performing a complex hydraulic installation of the drawbridge in Sobieszewo along with power supplies, actuators and automatics.
We plan to finish building this bridge at the end of this year. The total length of the bridge will be 173 meters and 181.5 meters with wings. The total width of the drawbridge will be 59.50 meters, the roadway will be 7 meters wide, the footpath will be 2 meters wide and the bike path will be 2.4 meters wide.
The new facility will be a low-support drawbridge. This means that its height above the water will be about 5 meters and the middle part will open for shipping. Scheduled opening time: 2 minutes. The bridge is a consortium of companies: Leader – METROSTAV, Partner – VISTAL GDYNIA, Partner –VISTAL INFRASTRUCTURE.

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