The Department of Sea Projects and Offshore in Gdynia

From 14.04.2017 “The Department of Sea Projects and Offshore” will be functioning permanently in shipbuilding areas in Gdynia. At the suggestion of our customers, this Departament has been extended by the special team of engineers. They will work on technical supervision, which is essential during assembly of plumbing systems on ships made in Gdansk and Gdynia.
We are happy to share all of these important details, because those are the actions that should have been made in order to protect the increasing demand in Polish shipyards for systems and plumbing guidances of deck devices.

Power packs that are made in our company are reliable and functional. What makes them special is that our company is in charge of them from the beginning to the end by making them, launching and turning them over to the Classification Society. An assembly of plumbing pipelines is significant supplement of our production. We also offer effective flushing with the HAMER units with full guarantee of cleanness of rinsed pipelines and the hydraulic fluid.

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