Year: 2011

31// December, 2011 Planetary gears after 12 months

2011 ended as planned with the introduction of the planetary gear series production, adapted to be … →

16// December, 2011 Practical and reliable hydraulic power unit solutions in marine applications

It represents 30 years of tradition and experience. Well-designed, solidly produced hydraulic power units adapted to … →

15// December, 2011 Functional hydraulic drivers, combined with a hydraulic motor

Hydraulic controllers mounted directly on the ship devices hydraulic motor are very popular. Hydraulic controllers mounted … →

28// November, 2011 Flow dividers

To meet our clients’ growing interest in modern power hydraulic solutions, our company is introducing the … →

28// November, 2011 Specialist presses

Our company specialises in producing hydraulic power units and hydraulic drive systems. We have had a … →

9// November, 2011 Military University of Technology Rector’s Prize

We would like to thank the rector of the Military University of Technology for awarding our … →

9// November, 2011 First swamp vehicle

Work has been completed on the first swamp vehicle, i.e. one that can drive on swampy … →

8// November, 2011 Aluminium welding implemented in production process

The necessity to continually reduce the mass of hydraulic power units produced by our company has … →

19// October, 2011 Hydraulic power unit with combustion engines in land applications

Next to combustion power unit in marine conditions, hydraulic power unit adapted for use in land … →

16// September, 2011 Hydraulic diesel drives for marine applications

Experience gained also in production of: – marine hydraulic systems, and – hydraulic drives with diesel … →

26// August, 2011 Visit by Marshal of the Pomorskie Province, Mr. Mieczysław Struk in our company’s branch in Miszewo

We would like to thank the Marshal of the Pomeranian Province, Mr. Mieczysław Struk and representatives … →

24// August, 2011 New Hexe 3

New Hexe 3 with manual startup will be available from August 2011. The HEXE 3-E aggregate … →

12// August, 2011 Central hydraulic drive system block

In July our company started regular production of central blocks that steer the drive system, designed … →

5// July, 2011 Hydraulic power units, monitoring of alarm oil level in a tank.

Oil is one of the elements that determine the safe functioning of the hydraulic system. Why … →

22// June, 2011 New opportunities for the application of fixed displacement pumps

Since July 2011, our company has intorducing to offer HPU controlled by inverter. Why inverter? Using … →

10// June, 2011 Certificate of Innovation

Once again, since 2005, our company belongs to the most innovative companies in Poland. We wish … →

9// June, 2011 Plebiscite ” Pomerania Eagle”

We thank to Chapter of the Pomeranian Eagle Plebiscite for granting us the title of ” … →

23// May, 2011 HPU`s can also be beautiful

The picture shows a classic hydraulic power unit, built on the basis oil tank acc. to … →

11// May, 2011 Hydraulic power units – the way forward of our main product

The main feature of our hydraulic power units is their modularity and unification of parts. For … →

5// May, 2011 From prototype to mass production

Increased production and sales of hydraulic hand pumps type HM/54-104/PRT-18, HM/54-104/PRT-18, allowed us to use foundry … →

28// April, 2011 Mark, put his heart the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Mark unmanned robot has passed the test at the Military University of Technology. A vehicle with … →

23// March, 2011 Hydraulic accumulator as standard

Production our HPU`s in which we uses hydraulic accumulator is growing from year to year. Why … →

8// March, 2011 Quality of the Year 2010

Title “Quality of the Year 2010” and “Quality if the Year – Silver” granted to our … →

3// March, 2011 Business Gazelle 2010

Hydromega had been awarded by “Pulse of Business” and Coface Poland.    

10// February, 2011 City Council award for the best investment in Gdynia in 2010.

During solemn session of Gdynia City Council double level movable platforms Linkspan type for ferry Star … →