Hydraulic power units, monitoring of alarm oil level in a tank.

Oil is one of the elements that determine the safe functioning of the hydraulic system.

Why is it important to check the level of oil in the tank?

The answer is simple. Without oil the hydraulic system with be damaged. Both regulations, as well as good exploitation practices recommend the use of sensors for minimum oil levels. Such a sensor switches off the hydraulic power unit, while at the same time turning on alarm signals, informing the user for example about the depressurisation of the hydraulic system.

We provide oil-level indicators with oil level sensors in two versions:
– with one sensor, unit V1
– with two sensors for PGA 254 oil-level indicators, unit V1/V2 according to HM/54-03.01 standard HM/54-03.01

V1/V2 two-phase oil-level indicators generating 2 signals and relating to two oil levels in the tank are a particularly interesting solution, as for example:
– a warning signal alerts for example about a small oil loss,
– an alarm signal alerts about a large oil loss.
Those signals can be used in systems steering the hydraulic power units in any way according to HM/54-03.01 standard



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