Partnership cooperation with PIMR on a new reaseach & development project

Thanks to our partnership with PIMR, a new, compound specialist vehicle designed to carry out conservation measures in boggy terrain, has been built. The versatility of the vehicle thanks to interchangeable modules allows conducting safety procedures associated with the removal of unwanted vegetation, and thus protecting against the succession of vegetation of the natural environment and preventing its further degradation.

In August 2013 Hydromega has built the first Polish prototype range of vehicles that are designed to work on marshy lands and conduct conservation measures associated with grass and reeds mowing, removing unwanted shrubs, collecting and disposing of biomass, especially of protected marshy lands. That all goes within the boundaries of National Parks, Natura 2000 sites – for energy and manufacturing purposes.
Well deserved words of appreciation to both INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING and HYDROMEGA employees for their effort and commitment associated with the construction of an innovative prototype of this complex machine.

Functional tests and research works are currently being conducted. They involve new construction solutions, new systems that control traffic of tracked units as well as new modular tool control systems of that new vehicle.

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