The first such vehicle

The strength of our company is the production of hydraulic power units and complete hydraulic control systems. However, at the same time, for more than 14 years we have been developing a production of specialized vehicles with hydrostatic drive, which participation in the company’s annual turnover is increasing systematically. Below, in the given pictures you will find the first Polish prototype vehicle for the reconstruction of drainage ditches.
This vehicle, which was developed in cooperation with PIMR in Poznan, is currently one of the most technologically advanced design in the country. We would like to congratulate PIMR designers and employees of our company, for the effective implementation of mutual experience, which is a model example of a good cooperation between industry and research institutes.

The fulfillment of this project would be impossible without the Pomeranian Authorities and Pomerania Development Agency who gave our company a grant from the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis 1 of the Regional Operational Programme for Pomeraniain Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013. Measure 1.2 Innovative solutions for SMEs, greatly helped our company to create a modern manufacturing facility in Miszewo, where the implementation of such advanced innovative projects is possible.


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