New HEXE 3E with an electric start-up

According to the announcement, since May, we have implemented into a solid sale a hydraulic power HEXE 3E with an electric start-up. The electric start-up facilitates the service of the set, while the manual option has been preserved to carry out the role of the emergency start.
HEXE 3E comes in a standard with a rotation regulator, which makes the engine automatically increase the revolutions only if the working tool is on. That kind of solution makes a significant decrease in fuel consumption. Feeder HEXE 3E is offered with three different oil tanks : 10 dm3, 20 dm3; 30 dm3 and 50 dm3, which significantly widens the capabilities of its usage. A larger tank can work not only with the power tools such as : hammer, saw or a sludge pump but also allows to supply hydraulic cylinders with the absorption of 20dm3. The possible choice of the tank capacity positively outstands HEXE 3E from this type, widely available power suppliers in Poland.

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