Our branch in Kuraszków, near Opoczno

Dear Sirs,
25 years of our company’s operation, are the years of systematic development of the relationship with our Customers that has directly translated into a stable trade cooperation.
We are happy to announce the opening of our branch in Kuraszkow near Opoczno . The aim of our department is to provide a closer and more frequent contact with customers in the south of Poland, as well as ensure a solid technical service of our products operating in mazowieckie, lubuskie, dolnośląskie, wielkopolskie, łódzkie, opolskie, śląskie, świętokrzyskie, małopolskie, podkarpackie i lubelskie. Our aim was also to reduce the logistics costs which, thanks to the favorable location of the branch in Kuraszkow, has been achieved. An important social factor for this location was the creation of new workplaces as well as opportunities for training future employees in our manufacturing facilities in Gdynia and Miszewo.

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