Good, efficient, reliable

In 2013, pumping sets HM/pW-10-10 and HM-20-25, alike in 2012, have attracted a great interest among our customers. The picture presents filter canned, the unit operated in extremely difficult conditions. Last year, our company has introduced the special designed units HM/PW, adapted to pump out the old, used oil. The unit does not have a filter, which is not necessary in the removal of waste oil as well as the protective cap suction against ingesting large solids that could destroy the working pump.

A valued advantage of our units is their low failure rate and in case of any damage a very low service cost. Pumping of the waste oil is often associated with suction of hard dirt, screws, stones etc., which are effectively retained by the cap protecting the suction hose.
We deeply believe that the change will get your full approval, making the work of service much easier in extreme conditions.

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