Oil tanks for hydraulic power units

For more than 27 years we have been improving design and construction of hydraulic oil tanks. These tanks are the base of most hydraulic power supply units and confirm both their functionality and aesthetics.
Our offer includes tanks according to standarized projects with capacity from 40 to 2000 liters, however our experience in manufacturing tanks according our clients’ individual needs include sizes ranging from 20 to 6000 liters. We are a producer of black steel tanks along with shot blasting and painting as well as stainless steel tanks.
Each tank may be adapted to individual requirements of our Clients and to equipment in which it will be used.
What is more, in our offer you will also find a wide range of typcal hydraulic power supply units’ equipment suc as level indicators, inspetion covers and filters.
To get more detailed technical and commercial information please contact our Sales Manager Jan Paweł Szefler e-mail: jan.szefler@hydromega.com.pl

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