We have started another year of comprehensive customer service

Year 2017 was a time of building positive relationships, both with our clients and suppliers, as well as within production departments in our company.
We started year 2018 with the joint implementation of many contracts with contribution from each department of our company. Good cooperation of the Marine and Offshore Projects Department, the Land Projects Department and the Service Department is noteworthy. In the reality of the market economy it is an invaluable capital, that allows the implementation of large, consistent tasks.
Since 2017, the majority of our supplies have been supplemented by electrical control systems along with industrial automation. Building partnerships with our partners will be an important part of our activities in 2018. Such actions were received very positively by all of our clients year 2017.
By building positive relationships, we want to achieve the goal of market development, which in many cases include works on prototype to serial production, which means effective implementation of objectives included in ISP, KIS 20 and InnoShip.


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