Hydromega participated in the construction of the “Elektra” ferry

Thanks to the cooperation with the “Crist” shipyard in Partnership with RHS – Hydroster from Grupa Remontowa Holding, we had the opportunity to participate in the construction of the passenger-car ferry “Elektra” with an innovative hybrid drive that was awarded the title “Ship of the Year” in the competition Marine Propulsion Awards.

In the area of hydraulic solutions we have made:
– central hydraulic power unit for driving and control of bow and stern ramp
– hydraulic deck controller
– main cylinders of bow and stern ramp with assembled hydraulic valves
– locking cylinders with assembled limit sensors
– hydraulic accumulator valve block enabling the ramps to press on shore bridge.

In the field of automation we prepared a ramp control system. The solution consists of:
– main cabinet mounted on HPU with panel to operate pump units, alarms in the system and external signals to the ship’s monitoring system
– two deck cabinet (bow and stern) for HPU remote control and local control of ramps, placed near the appropriate ramp
– two START/STOP pump boxes for hydraulic deck controller and which operate pump units and allow to operate ramps through valve levers when in emergency
– two captain bridge panels (bow and stern) for remote HPU and ramps control placed on the bridge manoeuvring stand
– remote radio controller for HPU and ramps control which allows to operate from any position on board.

The controller mounted in the main switchboard under the deck is supervised over the ramp control process. The user has the option of controlling the ramps only from one place at any given time: either from the position of the on-board switchboard, or from the position of the captain’s panel, or from the position of the radio remote control. The ramps are closed and bolted with two bolts during the cruise. After the ferry reaches the shore, the captain begins the control process.

The ferry was built for the owner of Finferries to serve between the cities of Parainen
and Nauvo.


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