NORLED 1 electric ferry sea trials

The electric ferry NORLED 1 sailed into sea trials on 1st, June 2020.

NORLED 1 is the first of four battery-powered hybrid electric passenger-car ferries for the Norwegian shipowner Norled that sailed from the Remontowa Shipbuilding SA into sea trials.

Our company, in partnership with Remontowa Hydroster Systems , supplies the entire series of these ferries with hydraulic drives of Ro-Ro system together with industrial automation. The implementation of this project has been smooth, thanks to the good cooperation of all the stakeholders, i. e. RSB, RHS, Shipowner and DNV-GL Classification Society. We would also like to thank the employees of our company, both from the design, production and industrial automation offices, as well as from the newly created department of hydraulic system start-ups, for efficient organization of work in compliance with safety procedures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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