Completion of the HEXE 3E R&D project

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of R&D work on the HEXE 3E universal combustion power pack. The power pack is designed to power hydraulic tools, including impact hammers. It is worth noting that, compared to competitive solutions, the oil cooler was separated as an independent module. This solution allowed the use of domestic pump, serially produced in WPH Sp. o. o. in Wrocław. This significant change has had a decisive impact on the favourable price of the entire HPU, as well as allowing the warranty to be extended to three years. Another unique feature of this device in comparison with competitive solutions is the fact that the HEXE 3E power supply unit is equipped with an electrical socket enabling connection of portable led lighting up to 80 W. The proposal of our company in this area has met with a very positive reception. Such a solution is particularly useful in service and repair works conducted at dusk and during the night.



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