Florian in a technical dialogue with the Inspectorate of Armament of the Republic of Poland concerning the Road Reconnaissance Robot (RRD)

The unmanned robot Florian is among five bidders for the supply of a Road Reconnaissance Robot (RRD) to the military. Florian, made by the Consortium of WAT, WB Electronics and Hydromega, is an unmanned vehicle prepared for serial production which can perform tasks of road lane reconnaissance as well as dangerous engineering works.

The vehicle is additionally equipped with two manipulators with considerable lifting capacity, which allow to move and carry various objects such as: concrete elements, fallen trees and trap cars. Manipulators are controlled remotely by an operator, and the image of the performed actions is transmitted to the command station in real time. Optionally, the robot can be adapted to autonomous operation.

Numerous and lengthy tests proved that the Florian vehicle can meet the expectations set out in the technical dialogue. A very important aspect of this dialogue is the possibility of implementation and commercialization of activities undertaken also by NCBiR with regard to generating internal demand secured by domestic production.


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