Hydraulic power packs for underwater operation as an important part of investment in Offshore Wind Farms (OWF)

We kindly inform that within the framework of the sectoral agreement for the needs of Offshore Wind Farms, as well as for servicing and diagnostics of pipelines laid on the bottom of the Baltic Sea and ecological actions regarding hazardous materials deposited on the seabed, as of July 1, 2021 our company will be extending its offer by hydraulic power packs intended for underwater work.

The presented power supply is designed for operation at depths of up to 500 m. The technology offered by our company can be used throughout the Baltic Sea, especially in the area of OWF (Offshore Wind Farms), pipelines and materials stored on the seabed of the Baltic Sea.

For the purposes of our research and functional tests in this area, a pressure chamber was also built, which we make available under the agreed conditions as part of a sectoral agreement for the benefit of Offshore Wind Farms.

Should you require further technical and commercial information, please contact us at: sales@hydromega.com.pl

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