Innovative and cutting-edge double autofrettage station

We have constructed a double stand for autofrettage and pressure tests for a foreign contractor. This is another prototype project, unique in the world, which was successfully completed by our company.

The autofrettage process is the strengthening fixation of the material of cylindrical elements after the production process by acting of high pressure of cylindrical elements, e. g. cylinders. The autofrettage increases the fatigue life of the cylinders, which is required by the relevant standards.

The innovative design and construction of the workstation assume the possibility of testing cylinders with a capacity of 1 dm3 to 10 dm3.

The system was also designed for water and energy recovery. The entire system works in a closed loop – hot water after the process returns to a hot water buffer and cold water returns to a cold water tank.

This is the second time our company has manufactured such a station – the previous one, intended for 300 dm3 cylinders, has been successfully used by our customer for several years.

We would like to thank our employees for their commitment and our partners for their cooperation on this project.

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