We have constructed an innovative eco-drive for the ferry built in the CRIST shipyard

At the beginning of July, a cutting-edge double-sided hybrid ferry Altera, number P315, left the CRIST shipyard. This state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly unit is full of technological innovations allowing to reduce the emissions of pollution.

Thanks to the long-term collaboration with the CRIST shipyard, Hydromega had the pleasure to design, deliver and build an innovative electro-hydraulic drive for lifting/lowering ramps, deck covers and anchor winches.

The main components of the system include power supplies, electrical switchgear, controllers and operator panels. The system is designed in a way that ensures a high level of reliability. In addition, our Service Department carried out the assembly of a hydraulic system (piping) with pulse flushing, using the latest HAMER 1000 technology. The entire system fully met the project’s target of reducing CO2 emissions and minimising energy consumption.

We would like to thank our colleagues in the CRIST shipyard and the employees of our company for the successful implementation of this project.

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