We have received the Lighthouses of Maritime Economy 2022 Award

We are pleased to announce that during the three-day “Conference at the Sea” organised on the ferry Polferries Star Nova by the GospodarkaMorska.pl portal, we received the Lighthouses of Maritime Economy 2022 Award. Thanks to the votes of Internet users, we won this year’s edition of the award in the “Leaders of Marine Technologies” category, where our HAMER technology and many years of work on its improvement were particularly appreciated.

For us, the prize is also a token of recognition for the work of the team of Polish engineers, who have solved a problem hitherto unsolvable in the shipbuilding industry throughout history, namely one concerning the effective flushing of ship systems.

Thank you once again to everyone who appreciated our development and our fight for the development of the Polish economy, also within the framework of the programme ‘We are building the market together’.

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