As announced: BG beater mower

We present to you our latest BG beater mower, prepared for serial production and commercialization. We would like to thank our Partners, thanks to whom this good and interesting project was implemented: KOMEL Institute of Drives and Electrical Machines, Military Academy of Technology, National Centre for Research and Development, companies: Samasz, WPH Wrocław, Ponar Wadowice, Guma Pomorska, Gospodarkamorska. pl portal.

We thank our Employees for their commitment to this innovative project, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Jędrasik. Thanks to them it was possible to carry out very intensive attempts to mow green areas.

All commercial and technical inquiries should be directed to Mr. Grzegorz Pettke, e-mail: grzegorz. pettke@hydromega. com. pl

We invite you to permanent cooperation, we are at your disposal both in Gdynia, Prabuty and in Kuraszków near Opoczno.


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