Special Production at the Prabuty Plant

We would like to thank the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and the Kashubian Employers’ Union for the effective implementation of the “Together we build the market” programme. More companies are joining the programme, creating strong and important supply chains for the Polish economy.

As part of this program, our Production Plant in Prabuty is rapidly developing special production, dedicated to both our own production and production carried out in cooperation with our national partners.

Special production is already an important complement to the plant’s basic production, which includes:
– hydraulic cylinders designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions
– screw pumps
– rotary actuators
– watertight doors.
We woud like to thank our Partners for cooperation so far. Please contact Grzegorz Schulz, Sales Director, at: grzegorz.schulz@hydromega. com. pl or tel. 601 350 383.

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