35 years together

This year, as in previous years, we met as a group of employees for a Christmas Eve meeting. It was a special meeting for us, because it took place on the eve of the exact date of establishment of our company and in the atmosphere of celebrating the 35th anniversary of the company.

A lot of effort and work is behind us, in front of our team the prospect of new, interesting projects. It can definitely be said that thanks to jointly nurtured interpersonal relationships, both inside and outside the company, we manage to implement many long-term projects and difficult challenges.

Our Christmas Eve meeting was an opportunity to appreciate these relationships that allow us to work together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

We thank our employees for their hard work and commitment to everyday tasks. Your efforts not only create the success of our company, but also inspire and motivate others.

We would like to thank our clients and partners for challenging orders, joint market building and consistent development of Polish industry.

The photo shows the Hydromega team during the 2023 Christmas Eve meeting.

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