We were at the Kashubian May Day of Entrepreneurs

On May 11, 2024, a unique meeting of entrepreneurs took place in Żukowo. After a five-year absence, Kashubian May Day returned to the economic map of our region.

Organized by the Kashubian Employers’ Association, the event brought together business representatives, local government officials, and local authorities. This year’s theme was: “20 Years of Poland in the European Union”.
Among the guests were three Marshals of the Pomorskie Voivodeship Assembly: the current Mieczysław Struk and the former ones – Jan Zarębski and Jan Kozłowski. Pomeranian Voivode Beata Rutkiewicz and Senator Bogdan Borusewicz also arrived. In such a group of participants, there was an opportunity to establish contacts, exchange experiences, and talk about the joint economic development of our region.

During the event, we had the pleasure of presenting the performance of our innovative beater mower. The audience was great, and the machine itself mowed difficult and uneven terrain in just a few minutes. This is an excellent example of the effectiveness and applicability of our solutions in practice.

Thank you to everyone for the questions and discussions, and to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in this event.

See you at the next events! Already on June 8 and 9, we invite you to the XXXI Pomeranian Agro Fair in Lubań, where we will also be present and ready to present our solutions for agriculture and industry.

Pokaz możliwości kosiarki bijakowej podczas Kaszubskiej Majówki przedsiębiorców.

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