Staff team-building meeting

Employees are our greatest resource, which is why on Friday, 14 June, our company’s branches in Gdynia, Prabuty and Kuraszkowo met during an employee team-building meeting to spend time together and integrate the team.

During the event, employees of the Gdynia branch learnt about the history and day-to-day operation of the Prabuty Production Plant, whose production potential we took over in 2022. This plant has a long and rich history both in terms of production and animating the cultural life of Kwidzyn and the surrounding areas.

In the second part of the day, we all had the opportunity to test ourselves in a competitive sporting Olympiad, in a variety of surprising competitions.
The meeting was an ideal opportunity to strengthen relationships, which are the basis of a well-functioning company.

We would like to thank all employees for their persistent work and commitment to their daily tasks.

Photo shows a team of Hydromega employees in front of the historic building on the site in Prabuty.

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