Basing on our  projects and our own production of hydraulic drives and controls, which is competitive in terms of costs and quality  Hydromega wants:

  • to be a good and dynamically developing manufacturer of hydraulic systems and drives
    in Poland,
  • through rapid prototyping, to implement new products for production, which are the result of the effort  of Polish engineers; at the same time to strive to launch serial production of these products through marketing activities .

Operating in the conditions of great  expansion of Western companies on the Polish market, we want  :

  • to promote Polish technical thought through constant cooperation with Polish technical universities and R & D institutes,, which should be a lasting and strong base for the demand generated by the industry,
  • to conduct own research and design work in order to solve significant production issues aimed at promoting new and improved  products and technical services.

Working for the industry, HYDROMEGA also works for the environment in which it conducts its production activity. It  achieves this by:

  • the use of technologies which are environmentally friendly and safe for employees,
  • starting production of environmental protection equipment , with the help of which a program for recycling, utilization and management of household and production waste is implemented in accordance with the slogan promoted by the company: "We work for industry and the environment".


  • through commitment and cooperation of all of its employees, to prosper in the conditions of financial stability, guaranteeing to their employees and their families a sense of security which  is to result from material stability and other intangible conditions,
  • to serve their clients according to the highest global standards,
  • to provide its employees with the opportunity to develop and to be satisfied with their participation in the company's success,
  • to earn a profit in order to guarantee a  continuous development of the company and in this way to confirm  the appropriateness of the adopted mission and the operation strategy.

President of the Management Board         
Zbigniew Zienowicz, PH.D. Eng.          

Plenipotentiary for quality
Izabela Strzedzińska



Hydromega quality policy is a tool for implementing the company's core values such as human capital, quality and technical progress.
Guided by these values, we want to provide our clients with products and services which  meet their needs and expectations, while maintaining the requirements of applicable laws and standards. We want to increase the effectiveness of our operation through a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

HYDROMEGA'S STRATEGIC QUALITY OBJECTIVES:- continuous improvement of the quality of manufactured products

  • systematic introduction of new, profitable products at an increasingly higher technical level into the company's offer (at least one new product per year)
  • strict adherence to technological regimes and construction assumptions in order to obtain products which  guarantee failure-free long-term work
  • annual increase in turnover (by at least 5%) by increasing production and expanding the offer of the sales department, taking into account the new range of parts and components manufactured in Poland.


  • putting the Employee in the first place, which is the basis of the entire organization which constitutes  Hydromega
  • training employees to improve their professional qualifications,
  • fostering awareness and enforcing  self-control in the field of quality procedures
  • motivating employees to identify with the company
  • continuously  improving QMS
  • stimulating and improving innovative activities in the company
  • systematically conductingresearch and development works
  • minimizing the number of production defects and customer complaints
  • continuously improvingthe quality of manufactured products
  • strictlyadhering to technological regimes and construction assumptions in order to obtain products which guarantee failure-free long-term work
  • cooperating closely  with clients
  • investing in new technologies
  • gathering information about the achievements of leaders in the industry of hydraulic drives and controls, in order to control HYDROMEGA achieving the global level of products and services.

President of the Management Board         
Zbigniew Zienowicz, PH.D. Eng.          

Plenipotentiary for quality
Izabela Strzedzińska

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