On the basis of its projects and its own, cost-competitive and quality-oriented production in the field of power hydraulics drives and controls, Hydromega Sp. z o. o. intends the following:

• to be a leading manufacturer of hydraulic power systems and drives in the country and abroad,
• to design and introduce new products, which are the result of Polish technical thought and the result of the work of Polish engineers, at the same time aiming at launching mass production of these products by means of marketing activities.

Operating in the conditions of a strong expansion of foreign companies on the Polish market, we wish to:

• through constant cooperation with Polish technical universities and R&D institutes, promote Polish technical thought, which should be a sustainable and strong base for industry;
• conduct our own research and design work to solve important production issues in order to promote even better products and technical services.

Through its competence, supported by several decades of experience, Hydromega is planning to:
• support the increasingly dynamic development of the Polish economy,
• take an active part in the development and support of the defence industry.

When working for industry, HYDROMEGA also responds to the needs of the environment by:
• the use of environmentally friendly and worker-safe technologies,
• the promotion and implementation of products that reduce negative impact on the environment.

HYDROMEGA would like to:
• thrive in a financially stable environment through the commitment and collaboration of all its employees, guaranteeing its workers and their families a sense of security that comes from material stability and other non-material conditions,
• serve its customers according to the highest global standards,
• provide its employees with development opportunities and satisfaction with participation in the success of the company,
• earn a profit in order to ensure the continued growth of the company.

President of the Management Board         
Zbigniew Zienowicz, PH.D. Eng.          

Quality Manager
Sławomir Półtorak



This quality policy is an instrument for implementing the company’s core values: human capital, quality and technological progress. Guided by these values, we want to provide our customers with products and services that meet their needs and expectations, while complying with the requirements of the relevant regulations and standards. We want to increase the effectiveness of our activities through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

Our aim is to be recognized as a leading supplier of hydraulics power solutions. In other words, we want to:
• be a reliable manufacturer of both technically advanced and simple devices and components in series production,
• support our customers in well-organized design and production processes, solving their problems with a special focus on topics of high difficulty,
• offer technical warranty and post-warranty service at the highest level.

We will achieve the above mentioned by:
• continuous work on improving the functioning of the company’s processes,
• adapting the internal rules of the management system to the changing context,
• improvement of technological processes,
• shaping the awareness of the significance quality and a good understanding of customer requirements in the team of employees,
• improving quality control processes,
• identifying competency needs, planning directions for the development of staff skills and providing adequate training;
• Development of infrastructure for:
- increasing the flexibility of production in terms of diversity, quality and efficiency,
- improving working conditions,
- increasing the comfort of employees at all levels of the company,
• stimulating, encouraging and motivating employees to be innovative,
• providing employees with development opportunities and creating a friendly working atmosphere
• preserving the image of the company in the eyes of the customers and increasing their satisfaction with cooperation with the company.


President of the Management Board         
Zbigniew Zienowicz, PH.D. Eng.          

Quality Manager
Sławomir Półtorak


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