BPL Syndicate’s fantastic success

On 15 May the BPL Syndicate won the NCBiR tender to conduct the Strategic Programs project feasibility study in the field of defence and safety in respect of “The family of unmanned landing platforms (BPL) in the application of the nation’s safety and defence systems.” Our company is part of the BPL Syndicate (Unmanned Landing Platform), and the Military Technical Academy is leader of the syndicate.
The project is the result of many years’ of R&D work conducted by our company with WAT, WITPiS, CI NOT and WB Elektronics company.
This has resulted in the development of a family of specialist vehicles with hydrostatic drive:

  • Lewiatan
  • Dromader
  • Marek
  • Boguś
  • and track chassis designed for special vehicles.

We would like to thank our staff for their consistent work on the project and on the construction of these vehicles. We would also like to thank the Syndicate for their effective cooperation, which resulted in the signing of the agreement with NCBiR to do this project.


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