Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski medal, an award for outstanding contribution to Gdynia

We would like to thank the City Council of Gdynia and Mr President Wojciech Szczurek for awarding Zbigniew Zienowicz with the Medal of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, in recognition of the achievements of the company Hydromega in shaping the development of innovative economy, social policy and promotion of the city of Gdynia.
The goals of our efforts result in:

  • youth education process system,
  • new work places,
  • development of innovative and mass production,
  • building up positive relationships between individuals and companies,
  • pursuing social work,
  • promoting the vision of the developing city of Gdynia,

*systematic and continuous implementation of social policy.
Hydromega is a company that skillfully builds up positive relationships, being a good example of the systematic implementation of social projects. We thank all the employees of our company who are forming partnerships with other companies and R&D institutes, significantly contributing to the development of our own innovative economy.

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