Demand generates development. Pneumatic press – new technology [dodano 2015-04-08]

Hydraulic presses have comprised a very strong group of products in our company for 27 years. The needs and requirements of our Clients translate into modern, great solutions and rapid growth both of hydraulic drive as well as control using latest generation of control press.

In our current offer we provide :

  • full programming of force compaction course with visualization, possibility to print and archiving,
  • control with touch panel,
  • easy selection of operating parameters depending on the technology needs,
  • guarantee of safety and compliance with the latest requirements and safety standards for hydraulic presses,
  • very low levels of noise emitted by the power station,
  • full monitoring of the technical state of the press drive with reading from the control panel.

Our technical solutions respond to the demands of the market, which generates not only demand but also the continuous development of innovative technologies, systematically implemented into operation.

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