HAMER 1000


It’s hard not to notice that Tri-City Metropolis uses the benefits of access to the sea and the maritime economy becomes the driving force of the local industry. The development of the shipbuilding industry becomes a reality, to which our company corresponds with new and innovative products , which will include flushing systems – HAMER type. We are pleased to announce the implementation of the production and sale of another type of flushing units – HAMER 1000, which are adapted for efficient hydraulic flushing pipes, with diameters up to 168 mm. For more detailed technical and commercial information, please contact our Sales Department Manager Mr. Jan Paweł SZEFLER jan.szefler@hydromega.com.pl
The technology of HAMER – types 50 , 500, 1000 guarantees a real purity of the pipeline in a relatively short period of time , which directly translates into a rapid return on such an investment.

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