The prestigious Economic Award in the INNOVATION category awarded to our company

We are happy and proud to announce that an independent jury composed of representatives of Polish academic circles decided to award our company an Economic Award in the INNOVATION category. The ceremony of presenting the statuette took place during the Gala of the 2nd Development Vision Forum, which took place in Gdynia on 24 and 25 June this year.

Our company has implemented many innovative solutions, also on a global scale. We  have  patents, and currently run sixteen projects which  are a continuation of the previously implemented, subsidized R&D projects. As a result of these activities, innovative devices are created, which include, for example, industrial (large) autonomous mowers which  can work in groups or complete Ro-Ro systems delivered to both domestic and foreign shipyards. The company has applied solutions previously not used on the national scale and partly innovative on a global scale in patented HAMER systems, multi-level car parks or container loading synchronization systems.

We want to be an example of a Polish company which , through the implementation of new technologies, achieves consecutive  technical successes, which in turn in our  opinion translate into economic success, properly matching the needs of, for example, the Polish engineering industry. We systematically cooperate in this area with  the Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology and Polish higher technical universities as well as  the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations.
We thank our partners and clients for successful cooperation in this area.


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