Execution of the NCBiR POIR Project 01. 01. 01-00-0523/19

We kindly inform about the positive course of the execution of the second stage of R&D works within the project covered by the Agreement with National Centre for Research & Development (01. 01. 01-00-0523/19). The project, covered by the Smart Growth Operational Programme, concerns ‘R&D work to develop a prototype vehicle powered by a tandem of autonomous industrial mowers’. Unmanned industrial mowers are designed for mowing large green areas, such as meadows, green belts by motorways or marshy areas, such as the Biebrza National Park. An important part of the project is the use of 4.0 technology to transmit diagnostic data and control signals for unmanned mowers. It is planned to finish the R&D works together with the construction of prototypes of mowers in June 2021.

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