HAMER flushing technology – 2021 summary

In 2021, together with our customers, we conducted an evaluation of the energy savings for the HAMER technology, with respect to the classical, fixed-rate rinsing technology commonly used worldwide. Based on the data obtained, regarding the number of flushing hours per year and the difference in power required by each of these technologies, we would like to report that in 2021, together with our customers, we generated savings of 1,116,748 kWh. At the average energy cost rate in 2021 of PLN 1 per 1 kWh, this resulted in financial savings of OF2021 = PLN 1,116,748 net.

We would like to congratulate all users of the HAMER technology and also thank them for their documented contribution, also in reducing CO2 emissions, as the reduction in energy consumption by 1,116,748 kWh, translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions by 917 tonnes per year.

The companies that participated in the survey will be sent a thank you letter with their calculated contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions for 2021.

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