Minehunter ORP Seagull handed over to the Polish Navy

On 21 December this year in the shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding S. A. a handover and acceptance protocol was signed for the third in the series of modern mine destroyer – the ORP Mewa vessel for the Polish Navy. The minehunters included in the 258 KORMORAN II project are designed to search for sea mines, classify and identify them, mark or destroy the detected ones, guide different classes of ships through mine threat areas and provide mine defence to other units.
Hydromega supplied this unit cosiderably with a power hydraulics system along with on-board equipment. Hydraulic drives of this unit are supervised by PRS (Polish Register of Ships) and WDT (Military Technical Inspection).
We would like to thank our Partners, including RHS, Remotowa Shipbuilding Yard and Towimor S. A. for their participation in this project, very promising for the Polish Navy.

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