We are participating in the construction of the MPP vessel for CRIST shipyard

The Service Department of our company is participating in the construction of the MPP vessel with the number NB131 carried out at the CRIST shipyard. We have conducted the prefabrication and installation of the hydraulic system on the underwater part of SDT, i. e. connection of two HPUs, four winches, fifty-five cylinders and eight manifolds. In the second stage, we are implementing hydraulic installation and connection of all devices on the floating part of the MPP, i. e. connection of the main HPU with four manifolds, twelve cylinders and two winches. The system has successfully passed specialised tests, in which the underwater part was raised to the desired height.

The construction of the MPP ship and the Fernbelt Tunnel is another unique project on a global scale. The MPP vessel, numbered NB131 and carried out at CRIST shipyard, is intended to be used for laying gravel on the seabed during the construction of the Fernbelt Tunnel between Denmark and Germany. The connection will consist of a motorway and a railway line, including an 18-kilometre tunnel, which will enable faster and safer travel between Scandinavia and Europe.

We would like to thank the representatives of CRIST shipyard for their fine cooperation.

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