Possibilities of the Prabuty plant – traditional solutions with a future

With the acquisition of the plant in Prabuty, Hydromega has strengthened its portfolio in the area of design and production of hydraulic cylinders.

• CJ2N piston, double-acting, self-aligning with single-sided piston rod
• CJ5N piston, double-acting with flanged mounting and single-sided piston rod
• CHB with internal locking mechanism, double-acting with single-sided piston rod
• CHN plunger, high-pressure, for installation in hydraulic press constructions
• CHT telescopic, two-segment, double-acting (lifts)
• HCPS equipped with piston rod travel measurement in working motion (accuracy up to 1 mm)

Maximum diameter of the cylinders – up to 500 mm and stroke up to 11 m.

An important added value is also the expansion of the company’s range of services, as the plant can carry out welding processing, chrome plating, painting and welding works. We have lathes, conventional milling machines, a milling centre, boring machines, grinders and a gantry milling centre.

Welding (weight of spatial structures up to 4000 kg), chrome plating (roller lmax 2900 mm fi-600mm weight up to 1000 kg) and painting (lmax 6m, weight up to 2000kg) are carried out within the plant’s own capabilities.

The Prabuty plant is known for the production of cylinders, screw pumps and watertight doors since 1965. The plant offers new double-acting piston cylinders, plunger cylinders, telescopic cylinders, with travel measurement and others in special versions according to the individual needs of customers. We also take orders for inspections and regeneration of cylinders.

We invite you to read the details in the catalogues below and to place orders at sales@hydromega.com.pl

Hydromega_katalog cylindrów hydraulicznych

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