Lawn mower BG-1800 on ski slopes

We would like to thank Mr. Ireneusz Koszałka for making it possible to test the unmanned lawn mower BG-1800 on the undoubtedly charming ski slope Koszałkowo in Wieżyca.

The need for constant maintenance of ski slopes requires, among other things, regular mowing. In these difficult conditions, the BG-1800 works very well, as shown in the attached video. Ski slopes, in addition to the obvious tourist and sports qualities, are the large market on which the lawn mower BG-1800 performs flawlessly.

Experience from mowing the ski slope confirms the readiness of unmanned mowers to mow large green areas, such as along motorways. Another mowing show is planned for spring 2024 along the A1 motorway. All commercial and technical inquiries should be directed to Mr. Grzegorz Pettke, e-mail:

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