HAMER technology with BV certificate

We are proud and pleased to announce that our line of flushing units HAMER (50/250/500/1000) has been awarded a Type Approval Certificate by Bureau Veritas (BV), a world-renowned independent assessment body, including on the offshore and offshore market.

Certificate (Certificate) No. 68012/A0 BV has been issued on the basis of BV approved technical documentation, tests and verification of Hydromega’s production process quality system.

The confirmation of compliance with BV regulations and the issuance of this certificate is, in our opinion, a measurable incentive for a wider, more widespread use of our HAMERs, in the field of flushing of hydraulic systems as well as conducting pressure tests.
This is yet another, after the awarding of the Lighthouse of Maritime Economy Award 2022 in the category “Leaders of Marine Technology”, an objective and independent high evaluation of our HAMER technology ensuring effective flushing of small and large industrial hydraulic systems, both marine and land.

Comparative studies confirm that HAMER technology is an eco-friendly solution, guaranteeing the cleanliness of the hydraulic pipeline after the flushing process faster and more energy-efficient (reduction of electricity consumption by 30% on average).

Hamer technology based on pulsed flushing has an advantage over constant-performance flushing units because:
– significantly reduces electricity consumption, which translates into a reduction of CO2 emissions,
– reduces the time of flushing of systems and hydraulic systems several times,
– significantly reduces the size and weight of flushing units,
– increases the reliability of work confirmed by the effectiveness of rinsing in the on-line system.

In our opinion, HAMER pulsed flushing technology is suitable for many applications: in steelworks, shipyards, bridges, locks and dams. Everywhere, it increases the safety and reliability of hydraulic systems.


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