25// February, 2019 Marine tests of the NB 70 unit

At the breakthrough of February and March we will complete the operational tests of the Ro-Ro … →

Jesteśmy sygnatariuszami drugiego porozumienia na rzecz Inteligentnych Specjalizacji Pomorza
28// January, 2019 We are signatories of the second agreement for Smart Specializations of Pomerania

The second agreement for Smart Specialization of Pomerania was signed on January 25, 2019 jointly by … →

17// December, 2018 Merry Christmas

At the holiday season we would like to thank our Partners, Contractors and Customers for valuable … →

23// November, 2018 We will build a R&D stand in technology 4.0 for testing the power hydraulics elements

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract for the implementation of the … →

17// October, 2018 We use container positioning in industry technology 4.0

We are pleased to announce the implementation of container positioning systems for production, that guarantee a … →