28// June, 2019 The prestigious Economic Award in the INNOVATION category awarded to our company

We are happy and proud to announce that an independent jury composed of representatives of Polish … →

6// June, 2019 We participated in the construction of the NB 70 “Herjólfur” ferry

Our company in partnership with the CRIST shipyard and RHS, MPL Techma and GS Hydro companies … →

4// June, 2019 58 dB – it is a good result, obtained as a part of R&D work

We are pleased to announce the implementation of our latest hydraulic power supply, which has a … →

26// April, 2019 PGA level indicator with extended Approval Certificate

We are pleased to announce that the validity of Approval Certificate No. 34753/B0 BV for the … →

25// February, 2019 Marine tests of the NB 70 unit

At the breakthrough of February and March we will complete the operational tests of the Ro-Ro … →

Jesteśmy sygnatariuszami drugiego porozumienia na rzecz Inteligentnych Specjalizacji Pomorza
28// January, 2019 We are signatories of the second agreement for Smart Specializations of Pomerania

The second agreement for Smart Specialization of Pomerania was signed on January 25, 2019 jointly by … →

17// December, 2018 Merry Christmas

At the holiday season we would like to thank our Partners, Contractors and Customers for valuable … →

23// November, 2018 We will build a R&D stand in technology 4.0 for testing the power hydraulics elements

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract for the implementation of the … →

17// October, 2018 We use container positioning in industry technology 4.0

We are pleased to announce the implementation of container positioning systems for production, that guarantee a … →

5// October, 2018 Land robot presented at MSPO 2018 in Kielce – a step towards commercialization

During this year’s International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, among the land robots presented by the … →

19// September, 2018 The first trial lift of the bridge in Sobieszewo

The drawbridge is being built over the Martwa Wisła River in Sobieszewo in order to strengthen … →

31// July, 2018 We participate in the next stage of the bridge construction in Sobieszewo

W Sobieszewie trwa budowa mostu zwodzonego nad Martwą Wisłą, który ma zapewnić stałe połączenie Wyspy Sobieszewskiej … →

21// July, 2018 We participate in the modernization of ORP Sarbsko

The renovation works at the ORP Sarbsko trawler were commenced by the Naval Command in Świnoujście. … →

6// July, 2018 We are expanding the portfolio of power supplies with internal combustion engines

Hydraulic power supplies have been a strong position in our company’s portfolio for years. Wide design … →

25// June, 2018 The audits related to the new standard have been successfully completed

Uprzejmie informujemy, że system zarządzania jakością wdrożony w naszej firmie został zaktualizowany o wymagania nowej normy … →

15// June, 2018 The Industrial Department focused on innovation

The Industrial Department has designed and created a station for testing the expansivity and tightness of … →

11// June, 2018 We efficiently respond to increasing demand

The portfolio of hydraulic power supplies prepared daily in our company is constantly growing. These are … →

8// May, 2018 We have signed a Consortium Agreement for the supply of onboard equipment for two Kormoran II ships

We are pleased to announce the signing of the Consortium Agreement in the Partnership with RHS … →

27// April, 2018 Hydromega participated in the construction of the “Elektra” ferry

Thanks to the cooperation with the “Crist” shipyard in Partnership with RHS – Hydroster from Grupa … →

11// April, 2018 Installation and service of hydraulic devices one of our pillars

According to the forecast for 2018, the maritime economy is slowly, but steadily starting to generate … →

23// February, 2018 Hydraulic systems of the press drive permanently in our offer

The development of national production has always meant growth in orders for hydrostatic drives along with … →

23// January, 2018 We have started another year of comprehensive customer service

Year 2017 was a time of building positive relationships, both with our clients and suppliers, as … →

28// November, 2017 Raising of the flag on the ORP Kormoran minehunter

Ceremony for raising the flag on the ORP Kormoran minehunter took place on November 28th 2017 … →

23// November, 2017 Our company has implemented the production of magnetic liquid level indicators.

We are pleased to announce that we have started mass production of magnetic liquid level indicators. … →

25// October, 2017 Keeping up with innovations – hydraulic power units for underwater operation

As a part of the development of the maritime area, Hydromega has developed and deployed hydraulic … →

8// September, 2017 We signed the letter of intent with the Military Academy of Technology

As a sign of many successful years of cooperation with the Military Academy of Technology, we … →

18// August, 2017 Our company is a co – contractor of the new bridge to Sobieszewo Island

Due to good cooperation with the VISTAL Capital Group, Hydromega is performing a complex hydraulic installation … →

2// August, 2017 Foundry Institute in Cracow joined the Consortium

Z radością informujemy, że Instytut Odlewnictwa dołączył do Konsorcjum utworzonego w czerwcu br. przez polską grupę … →

23// June, 2017 Our company’s Hydraulic Pipelines Department

Our Hydraulic Pipelines Department which is a part of Service Department has finished with success the … →

14// June, 2017 We signed a Consortium Agreement for the construction of specialized vehicles for Aeromobile Troops

We are pleased to announce the signing of the Consortium Agreement by a Polish group of … →

12// May, 2017 Our Department of Sea Projects and Offshore carried out a project on the FinFerries’ unit

On May 12th 2017 modern system of hydraulic power and electric control of loading platform at … →

12// April, 2017 The increase of interest in liquid level indicators L = 300 ÷ 1000 mm.

Long liquid level indicators made by our company have been attracting great interest lately. Growth in … →

11// April, 2017 The Department of Sea Projects and Offshore in Gdynia

From 14.04.2017 “The Department of Sea Projects and Offshore” will be functioning permanently in shipbuilding areas … →

31// March, 2017 1 MW for shipbuilding industry

One of the biggest power packs that have been made in Poland for the maritime industry … →

21// February, 2017 Our company awarded once again

On February 15th 2017, during Business’ Gazelle 2016 gala (Gazela Biznesu 2016) our company has been … →

13// February, 2017 Liquid level indicator – 120 ° C as standard.

Please note that since February, our company introduces solid sales of liquid level indicator designed to … →

24// January, 2017 A good beginning of the year

Our company finished year 2016 with launching and handing in hydraulic systems RO-RO of Pired ferry, … →

5// December, 2016 “Development and implementation of Florian, an unmanned rescue vehicle” project – successfully completed.

We are very grateful for the possibility of cooperation within the INNOTECH -K1 / I1 / … →

15// November, 2016 Technology of the future

Transportation platform developed within the research and development project PBS2/B8/11/2013 entitled “Autonomous transportation technology of biomass … →

14// November, 2016 Hydromega Sp. o.o. within the Consortium for the Polish shipbuilding industry reconstruction and development

We would like to announce that since 10 November our company has been a member of … →

9// November, 2016 FUNTER – the innovative design by Polish engineers

FUNTER, a multi-functional vehicle for special purposes, has been created at The Automotive Industry Institute in … →


We are pleased to announce that as of January 2017, our company launches a new product: … →

7// September, 2016 Shipyard Open Day

We would like to thank the visitors for coming to the Shipyard Open Day route No. … →

30// August, 2016 Hydromega takes part in the Shipyard Open Day

Dear Customers, Employees and Partners We are happy to announce that during the Shipyard Open Day, … →

12// July, 2016 TDT (Transportation Technical Inspection) permissions’ renewal

We would like to announce that by a decision of the Transportation Technical Inspection No TDT-M/N-44/16 … →

28// June, 2016 The successful return

This is the fourth year we have been operating in the shipyard areas of Gdynia within … →

24// June, 2016 The Oceanograf vessel launch in Nauta shipyard in Gdynia

Thank you for your cooperation in the construction of the Oceanograf research vessel. We would like … →

20// May, 2016 Successful completion of the project: ”Enhancement of the effectivness of energy in mechanical systems by the use of magnetorheological fluids”

We would like to thank NCBiR and all our Partners: Warsaw University of Technology and Military … →

8// April, 2016 The renowned HM/PW-10 – 10 years on the market

Ergonomic, efficient and reliable, useful both in service and manufacturing facilities dealing with hydraulic systems. For … →

28// February, 2016 Pomeranian Smart Specialization in practice

On the 28th January 2016 in Pomeranian area there was signed an Agreement on Partenrship for … →

18// January, 2016 HAMER 250 in a permanent offer since January 2016

Dear Sirs, In response to the expectations of our Clients, since January 2016 our company has … →

12// November, 2015 Cyberiada III

We would like to invite you to Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw for the … →

5// November, 2015 Unambiguously positive relations

We would like to thank our partners who have accepted the invitation and solidarily agreed to … →

20// October, 2015 Hydraulic tools for HEXE3E

Dear Customers, we are pleassed to inform that from the begining of October, according to your … →

16// October, 2015 Oil tanks for hydraulic power units

For more than 27 years we have been improving design and construction of hydraulic oil tanks. … →

7// October, 2015 BALTEXPO

We would like to thank the representatives of companies who have visited us during Baltexpo Fair … →

26// August, 2015 AQUAP Certificate 2110:2009

We are very pleased to inform that our company has been granted with AQAP 2110:2009 Certificate. … →

18// August, 2015 BALTEXPO 2015

We are very pleased to invite you to visit our stand no. 7.01, between 7-9th September … →

16// July, 2015 Active suspension – another RTD step in the Applied Research Programme of the National Centre for Research and Development

Active multifunctional suspensions in highly mobile wheeled vehicles is the newest project of our company carried … →

3// July, 2015 Simple and effective filling of the hydraulic accumulators with nitrogen up to 300 bar (30MPa)

Year 2015 is a groundbreaking year for our company in terms of the amount of new … →

11// June, 2015 Two new gold medals

We would like to thank our partners from PIMR for their cooperation in constructing a family … →

18// May, 2015 HAMER 1000

DEMAND GENERATES DEVELOPMENT It’s hard not to notice that Tri-City Metropolis uses the benefits of access … →

17// April, 2015 SMARTECH 3D – Polish Product of the Future

Development of innovative technologies and the need for rapid prototyping requires using the latest equipment at … →

8// April, 2015 Demand generates development. Pneumatic press – new technology [dodano 2015-04-08]

Hydraulic presses have comprised a very strong group of products in our company for 27 years. … →

31// March, 2015 DEMONSTRATOR + good initiative of NCRD

Within the project named “Family of specialized vehicles to conduct restoration treatments and environmental protection of … →

18// February, 2015 Demand growth on former shipyard terrains

In 2014 there was a significant increase in demand generated by the shipbuilding industry on the … →

10// February, 2015 Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski medal, an award for outstanding contribution to Gdynia

We would like to thank the City Council of Gdynia and Mr President Wojciech Szczurek for … →

13// January, 2015 Demand generates growth

Our aims : Reliable operation in the toughest conditions. As of 2015, in response to our … →

2// January, 2015 Vehicles and mobile hydraulics Department

Dear Sirs, Special vehicles with a hydrostatic drive have been comprising a very important part of … →

30// December, 2014 That was a good year

We would like to thank all our Clients and Suppliers for our cooperation in realization, very … →

26// November, 2014 Gold Innovation Laur NOT

We would like to thank the Laurel Chapter of Innovation NOT for granting our company this … →

21// November, 2014 Additional equipment for HEXE

We are pleased to announce that in November, according to your expectations, we have extended our … →

29// October, 2014 HAMER 1000 – available in our offer

We are pleased to announce that we have extended the range of flushing units HAMER type … →

11// September, 2014 Pump sets HM/PW-10 – great increase in sales in the 3rd quarter of the current year

Once again this year we have noted a systematic sales growth of service pump sets HM/PW-10. … →

5// September, 2014 Defender 2014 during MSPO in Kielce

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the Partners for their cooperation in … →

25// August, 2014 Changes in the car movement

We kindly inform you that from 25th August 2014 till 3rd November 2014, in connection with … →

1// August, 2014 Bronze medal in Paris

We are pleased to inform that our parking systems for high storage of vehicles, won bronze … →

23// July, 2014 Constanty forward

Our modular parking system, awarded by PAED in Polish Product of the Future Competition is gaining … →

22// May, 2014 Durable, reliable, functional and attractive

The production of hydraulic power units, which constitutes the primary production profile of our company, generates … →

5// May, 2014 HM/PW in every company

The market success of power units HM/PW is your success. We would like to thank our … →

21// March, 2014 From Lewiatan to Florian

  Special vehicles with hydrostatic drive constitute a rapidly growing production department in our company. An … →

14// March, 2014 SUCOVIA 2013 – Żukowo Commune Award in the Economy category

We would like to thank the Chapter and the Community of Żukowo for granting our company … →

20// February, 2014 Universal stand for testing hydraulic blocks

In parallel with the production of hydraulic power units our company has developed the production of … →

27// January, 2014 Good, efficient, reliable

In 2013, pumping sets HM/pW-10-10 and HM-20-25, alike in 2012, have attracted a great interest among … →

17// December, 2013 Polish Product of the Future

We would like to thank PARP and the Chapter of the Polish Product of the Future … →

13// December, 2013 “The family of specialized vehicles for restoration and protection treatments of water and mud areas” – Demonstrator +

We hereby declare having commenced working on the contract No. DPA-DEM-1-145/001 dated. 12.13.2013 for the execution … →

10// December, 2013 Our branch in Kuraszków, near Opoczno

Dear Sirs, 25 years of our company’s operation, are the years of systematic development of the … →

5// November, 2013 Quality acknowledged by Clients’ satisfaction

In parallel with a serial production of standard hydraulic power units, a sale of specific hydraulic … →

18// October, 2013 This is a good year – The Gold Emblem QI 2013

We would like to thank PARP, the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Forum ISO 9000 and … →

4// October, 2013 Partnership cooperation with PIMR on a new reaseach & development project

Thanks to our partnership with PIMR, a new, compound specialist vehicle designed to carry out conservation … →

20// September, 2013 BALTEXPO – 2013

We would like to thank all Clients for visitng us in Gdańsk between 3-5th September 2013 … →

2// September, 2013 BALTEXPO – 2013

We would like to invite you to visit our pavilion at the upcoming XVII International Maritime … →

31// July, 2013 Power units with internal combustion engines

We are pleased to present you our hydraulic power units with a combustion engines, in a … →

3// July, 2013 Another permission to operate in PSSE-BPNT

We are pleased to announce that our company has received another license No. 101/PSSE to operate … →

17// July, 2013 “The International Congress of Polish Engineers ” under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Polish Republic and the Minister of Economy.

We would like to thank the Competition’s Chapter for granting us the main prize of “Master … →

18// June, 2013 A very interesting implementation in the City Centre of Gdynia

InfoBox is the first Polish investment which alike InfoBox in Hamburg reflects the perspectives of the … →

13// June, 2013 Leaver granted to our company during the MTP 2013 opening

We would like to thank the Chapter House of the “Leaver” Competition for granting our company … →

3// June, 2013 Solid sale of tracked chassis since July 2013

We are pleased to announce that since July this year, we offer you a solid sale … →

18// May, 2013 New HEXE 3E with an electric start-up

According to the announcement, since May, we have implemented into a solid sale a hydraulic power … →

10// May, 2013 Snowy April – Thank you Originators

We are very pleased to inform you that our vehicle for the renovation of irrigation channels … →